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...also runing a full Node to verify network transactions


Services to the Waves Community.

Please lease your waves tokens to our address 3P8TbZ4VKh8uwJ9sPec7V8TVXuTukLzKveA. Thanks!


Air Drops

Want to promote your business idea then distribute your tokens to new customers by an air drop.

Full Node

Providing an Australian based Waves transaction verification service (mining).


Helping clients create tokens to promote their services.


Mining Waves

Bitcoin functions on a network supported by miners doing slow, difficult and expensive transaction confirmations. Waves is different and has fast, easily confirmed and cheap transactions. This makes it the most efficient, fastest and cost effective cryptocurrency network available. To mine waves you can setup a node like ours or lend use of your waves tokens to miners like us who then pay you a proportion of their transaction confirmation income.

Right now we are paying 100% of our income back to our lessees so that we can help establish a strong community of supporters of the Waves Network.

Help us get on this top miners list, so our target is more than 10,700 leased Waves tokens.

Lease your Waves

Lease your Waves To WavesFYI and get rewards! By leasing you help to secure the Waves blockchain and get rewarded!

Lease your Waves now

WavesFYI features
– Powerful and dedicated server
– Fully transparent
– 99.99% server uptime
– No registration needed
– Regular payment!

Payment schedule
– Waves fees generated: 75% distributed to lessees, 25% to WavesFYI token holders (and we keep 0%)
– WavesFYI (WavesFYI Tokens): we distribute WavesFYI tokens to you. If you have 100 WavesFYI Tokens, you will get Airdrops.

Minimum leasing amount of Waves tokens
There is no minimum amount of Waves you can lease.

Is this safe?
Yes! Your tokens are 100% safe. We are just a node where you can lend use of your Waves to us for rewards. Your Waves will always stay in your wallet and we can’t spend them. With just one click your Waves lease can be cancelled and they are made available again in your wallet instantly.

How to lease Waves
STEP 1. Go to your Waves wallet (Lite or Desktop Client) and open the leasing tab and lease your waves to our node: 3P8TbZ4VKh8uwJ9sPec7V8TVXuTukLzKveA
STEP 2. Wait a short time. Leasing becomes active after 1000 blocks. 1000 blocks is around 16 hours. After 1000 blocks, your balance will start to generate rewards for you.
STEP 3. We pay you frequent rewards.

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DOWNLOAD WALLET Beta Wallet beta.wavesplatform.com Github Source https://github.com/wavesplatform/WavesGUI/releases Linux Client https://wavesplatform.com/files/WavesClient-1.0.0-beta.X-linux.deb


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